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Nut Milk Bag / Cheese Cloth

Nut Milk Bag / Cheese Cloth


Use our cheese cloth or nut milk bag to make your own oat milk, almond milk, cashew nut milk or squeeze out juice from your favorite fibre loaded fruits. Most plant based milk in super markets contains preservatives. Making your own milk keeps you in charge of the ingredients in your food.

35*27cm. Fine mesh for a fine strain. Drawstring for flexible closure. Reusable. Sold as a single piece.

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Exploring alternative diet is one way to fight climate change and supplementing your dairy diet with more plant based food is the least we can do to adapt to climate change. Which nut milk do you feel like today? Our nut milk bag can handle it. Big enough to handle a large capacity of nuts or grains .It has a rounded bottom to prevent pulp from being trapped,easy to clean and light enough for fast drying too so you can reuse. Saves you money and saves the environment.


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