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750g Dish Bar

The master grease buster! It is gentle on your hands but ruthless on grease. This toxin-free dish bar is handcrafted in Kenya with coconut oil and consciousness. Rub and spin away the toxin-free way.   With a dash of apple extract.

Bamboo cutlery set

Skip single use cutlery in social settings by swiping them with these set of bamboo cutlery sets

Bamboo dish brush

Our bamboo dish brush is made of a bamboo handle and sisal bristles. This is easily one of the best swaps to cut plastic from your kitchen. Best from scrubbing dishes, nails, arrowroots and other surfaces like oven tops.

Bamboo Hair brush

A hair brush A bamboo body with bamboo hair pins and a silicone pad An anti -static brush For all


Use our Kenyan made metal caddie to store all your cleaning products. Our caddy is perforated to enhance drainage, stylish and generously partitioned to accommodate all your cleaning product. It comes with a soap dish to store your soap bars dry.

Clear Glass Bottle

Yes you can make your own toxin free cleaning products fairly easily at home. From making an all purpose cleaner using clove, lemon peels and vinegar. Making your own cleaners and storing them in a reusable glass bottle helps you cut down on the toxins and chemicals that and you family get exposed to it comes with a free silicone sleeve to protect the base.

Coffee filter

Swap Single use paper coffee filter with our reusable coffee filters. Wet before use. One coffee filter is enough to last you a year. Good for your pocket and good for the planet.

Dish Washing Liquid Soap

Responsibly made dish washing liquid soap.Natural.Toxin free.Multipurpose.Food grade oil

dust pan brush

boo and sisal the cutest thing you can clean your floor with