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Citric acid /food grade

Citric acid /food grade



Citric Acid is a natural powerhouse for a spotless space. Citric acid serves as a versatile cleaner, offering several key functions

  1. Stain Remover: Citric acid effectively tackles stubborn stains on various surfaces, from countertops to stainless steel appliances.

  2. Limescale Buster: Say goodbye to limescale buildup in your kettle, faucets, and showerheads. Citric acid dissolves it effortlessly.

  1. Dishwasher Cleaner: Keep your dishwasher in top shape by using citric acid to remove mineral deposits and ensure sparkling clean dishes.

Our Citric Acid is your eco-savvy solution for a sparkling, fresh home. Clean better, cleaner planet. Get yours today!

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