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Amber Spray glass bottle

Yes you can make your own toxin free cleaning products failry easily at home. From making an all purpose cleaner using clove,lemon peels and vinegar.Making yor own clenaers and storing them in a resuable glass bottle helps you cut down on the toxins and chemicals that and you family get exposed to it comes with a free silione sleev to protect the base.

Dish and fruit soap 250ml

To clean pesticides residue from our food, we have formulated this biodegradable dish, veggie and dish fruit soap to ensure that we consume safe food. Our dish soap cuts through grime, grease on dishes and kitchen equipment without leaving residue. Good for you, good for your little people and good for the planet. Comes in 250ml, 500ml and 5Litre. Select your preferred size from below

Laundry Concentrate

We expose ourselves to so many laundry soaps that’s contain hormonal disruptors, toxic chemicals that cause skin diseases, Greeenthing Kenya biodegradable Laundry concentrate is formulated with food grade oils to make sure it cleans your whole family's clothes without compromising your health or the environment.