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🌿Privilege and sustainability 🌿

I put a pause on my sustainable development goals YouTubing hobby!📽

💚First,because I recognize how privileged I am to even make this a hobby!

❤️Second,because I want to make content/product that is accessible to everyone and impactful!

🥦I do recognize the privilege that I have to talk about sustainability,to be informed and constantly learning about how our health,social,economic and religious values are all interlinked to the environment.

🌿I do also recognise that not everyone is privileged enough right to have a choice to switch to bamboo toothbrushes,metal straws,reusable sukuma wiki bags,toxin free dish soap or any eco friendly alternative for that matter!You take what is within your pocket reach or how informed you are about the harmful chemicals in essentials.

🌿And so the gap between the ones privileged enough to make a switch to more conscious lifestyle and those who can’t,has become wider.And this will be worsened by greenwashing.

🌿And it is therefore the responsibility of the privileged to be vocal about how human rights are infringed upon in the environmental conservations context.

🌿All the products that I have launched at @greenthing.kenya are conversations starters.They are not a destination!It’s the beginning of the talk on how to change our systems to be able support human life with dignity without fully depleting earth’s resources !!

Also,it’s a privilege to pretend I didn’t know this picture was being taken!😂

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